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To deliver services covering all our clients’ needs, Edifixio has used Open Source or specialized editors’ applications from its inception. They bring relevant answers to our customers’ specific needs, as a complement to other solutions.

One2Team is an Enterprise Work Management platform, which allows substantial gains in performance for all the project life cycle.

The solution brings an enhancement in conception and products development phases, projects portfolio management (PMO), and a significant acceleration of Go to Market.

Edifixio is One2Team partner, and we regularly use their platform to help our clients gather digital benefits for their own organization. 

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System solution, supported by a very active community, 1,3 million people strong worldwide.

Drupal is also a web framework, with over 40.000 modules that allow tyo create made to measure sites for advanced usages. SSO, multi-language management, layouts, Drupal enables the creation of very strict front-ends, using a platform logic to deliver services.

Edifixio has developed a strong competency with that solution.